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The Royal Castle Bounce House is one of the most exciting and unique obstacle courses available anywhere. You get the best both worlds for a low price. i.e. Specialty Festivals, Community events, Family Reunions, Bounce House Competitions, etc.

This inflatable structure combines the RBC Bounce House’s classic design with a castle-like Obstacle Course. The bounce house is constructed from durable vinyl materials. It includes all the outdoor/indoor carnival features. The complete set-up of the tent includes pre-cut lines and an attached ladder. There are two water slides, one on the outside and one on the inside. Two fun games to challenge even the most experienced bouncer. These include a Water Slideski (and a Water Gun). These are great for companies that want to offer employees and their families carnival-type activities in the summer, such as a special Obstacle Course where riders can bounce on water slides or shoot at targets.

Water Slides: These giant, high-speed slides are great for RBC rentals. These giant slides are located on both sides of the Obstacle Course and the water slides are also located in either the center or side of the Obstacle Course making them very easy to find and to use. There are many obstacles on the Obstacle Course, including ladders, walls, pumps, pumps, and vertical jumps. The rental package includes a luge for you to practice your jumps.

Obstacle Course. The Obstacle Course Rentals Cleburne mixes two obstacle courses and bounce houses. The first course features Dry Slides jumps. The Obstacle Course offers riders the opportunity to choose from a variety bounce houses, including the yellow and black balls. A series of obstacles are built into the course to make it more challenging and difficult, including mini dunes (hanging barrels), ladders, bumps and hurdles, as well as dry slides.

Inflatable Rentals:

As one of the fastest growing forms of amusement park entertainment around the country Bounce House Party Games and Inflatables have found a permanent home at the Park District. The Park District has the best selection in inflatable rentals, bounce houses, and other inflatable products. They have the best party rentals in Westport. With several exciting party packs including signature bounce houses you’re guaranteed to have the best selection of bounce houses in Westport, CT.

Water Fun – Westport Water Park boasts over 40 attractions that will delight every member in your family. You’ll love your Westport visit. Enjoy rides at the Swimming Pool and a giant slide rental. The Great Zorb and Spinning Cactus are just a few of the attractions that will appeal thrill-seekers and adventure seekers. There are two great options for water fun for those who don’t want to jump in the ocean: a slackline that skaters can use and a pond for wading. Enjoy Westport’s best selection of water activities and stay safe.