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Kittycoin Review - The Next Dogecoin?

Oct 5

The Case for Kittycoin: Why Should Dogs Get to Have All the Fun?

Every day, it seems like we're hearing about another dog coin climbing up the crypto charts. Whether it's DOGE or SHIB, people have gone wild for all manner of canine crypto. This is where Kittycoin comes in, reminding everyone that cats are the internet's favorite pets. In a dog-eat-dog kind of world, Kittycoin ushers in some fabulous feline energy.

Actual Use Cases That Inspire
One of Kittycoin's main objectives is to onboard new crypto users. And the biggest barrier to entry for new crypto users, after all, is having to use their own funds to dabble in the new technology. By distributing a significant portion of Kittycoin's supply through airdrops, the Kittycoin team has pledged to introduce a whole new audience to the world of crypto. However, this is far from the only significant endeavor Kittycoin has taken on.

This Philanthropic Project Will Make You Feel Warm, Fuzzy and Maybe Even a Bit Furry
At the end of the day, this is a project you can feel good about supporting. With 10% of Kittycoins going to no-kill rescues and animal shelters, the case for Kittycoin just keeps growing stronger and stronger. Best of all, users get to select these rescues themselves, giving them a say in which groups get the kitty - quite literally.

Seamless Transactions and Lots of Transparency
With Kittycoin, you will find that your transfers are fast and inexpensive; there is no need to worry about high gas fees with this amazing token. To find out whether or not Kittycoin is compatible with your wallet, simply check the list provided by the team. In a blockchain world that is often shrouded in secrecy, this project is wonderfully transparent and playful in the best ways.