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Ideas for renting Obstacle Courses


 Are you throwing a party or are you just looking for something to do with your guests? Are you planning a party? There are many Obstacle Courses for rent in DC, Virginia and Maryland. We can help find the right Obstacle Track for you, whether you need one for entertainment or a corporate event. We have over 300 Obstacle Courses for you to choose from. We can also set up any size party, company or private function.

Obstacles are a great way to entertain the children and challenge the adults

Obstacles come in many forms, including hanging slides, ramps and ladders. It is a fun activity that children will love, as well as adults. We offer a full range of services to make your event enjoyable, including water slides and obstacle course. From our free consultation to pre-set design packages and rental fees, you can have the Obstacle Course of your dreams.

We have a variety of characters that you can choose from to make your Obstacle Course Rentals Fort Worth fun for children. The KidKraft Jump Start Water Slide caters to children from 3-7 years of age. The KidKraft Jump Start Water Slide has an integrated start button. This allows little ones to move at their own pace while keeping them safe from the sharp edges of the water slide. This slide can be rented with or without the jumpstart feature. There are many other Obstacle Course Rental options available, including the rental bounce house for all ages.

The inflatable slide is a hit with all ages. However, it is particularly useful for children’s obstacles courses. The bounce house has a cute character that allows children to bounce down and move in the air. The obstacle course allows children to race down the hills, sliding down them as fast as possible without getting too high off of the ground. The KidKraft Backyard Bounce includes a slide to go with the KidKraft Slide.

Our other Obstacle course rental items include KidKraft Swing Sets and the KidKraft BouncePad. There are two versions: one for two and one for three. It’s the perfect addition to a summer carnival with the ability to let the kids burn some extra energy while they are waiting for the big game. The Swing Sets can be used for special events and carnivals. They include inflatable jumpers that children can bounce up and down on. The KidKraft Swing Set also includes three-person slide ramps.

Inflatables are a great way to have fun at carnival games. We also love the inflatable slides and swings. You can be sure that your kids will have a blast at your KidKraft Obstacle course rental. You should make sure that there are enough tickets for each child to be able to take part in the Obstacle course.