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FinTech Futures Jobs: the six best things about working in fintech – FinTech Futures


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The global fintech market is predicted to grow at a rate of almost 25% annually over the next couple of years, making it one of the most dynamic industries to be involved in right now!

Are you thinking about making a change, and jumping into the fintech sector? There are so many benefits to working in this booming industry, and we’ve highlighted a few for you here (and check out FinTech Futures Jobs for the current vacancies in the world of fintech!):

New industry

The concept of fintech is a relatively new one, meaning that it’s a start-up industry of sorts. Why is this a good thing? Well, it’s extremely exciting to be a part of something that is still at an early phase! Working in fintech means that you can be part of moulding this new industry, and watching it grow.

Plenty of roles

Due to the fact that the fintech sector is fast growing, it is constantly recruiting. Plus, fintech companies are looking for a wide range of talent, so chances are, whatever your speciality you’ll find something for you within the industry! Also, because of the start-up nature of the industry, promotion opportunities are common.


If you want to work in an environment that will challenge you, then fintech is probably the best choice out there. Working for a start-up is all about work! You will find yourself doing a range of tasks you may not necessarily do in a larger, well-established company. That being said, there’s nothing like a busy atmosphere; you won’t even realise you’re so busy, you’ll be enjoying yourself too much.

Boost that CV

Spending a period of time working for a fintech company will stand to you in a real way, should you move on to a new industry. It will prove that you are dynamic, autonomous and that you have a curious mind. Above all else, it will show that you are no stranger to hard work.

It’s global

Fintech is an industry that has hubs all over the world, from London to New York to Singapore and beyond. If travelling and working abroad is something that interests you, pursuing a fintech career would be a good choice. You never know where you’ll end up, how exciting is that?

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