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ACH processing transfer time: An Introduction 

For any business to survive in modern-day highly competitive, cutting edge technology, global marketplace, online payment with faster processing and highest safety are a must. Payment processing is a complex process. It’s a process that initiates once a donor makes an online transaction. BNG ACH payment processor handles the donor’s financial transaction so that their donations are safely deposited into the Non-Profit’s bank account without hurdles. The payment processor handles the transaction of the donor across online channels. The donations made by the donor to a non-profit organization can be for paying their membership fee, purchasing tickets for a fundraising event, purchasing a product, or registering for any other fundraising event. ACH processing transfer time can take 1 to 2 days to get credited in Non-Profit’s account from the donor’s account.

Understanding ACH payments processing

Processing times for standard ACH (Automated clearing house) payments can take longer time primarily due to timing allowances for banks honoring standard requests. An ACH debit that is your payment to a vendor is done by the next business day. In both ACH credit and ACH debit cases there are bank hours to contend with in addition to possible delays in fulfillment to verify the possible source of funds. The transfer times are established by NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association), and processing occurs only on banking business days. BNG’s ACH payment processing revolutionizes ACH payments through lower fees, payment reassurance, and more. Customized option for payment solutions offered by BNG has enabled them to build large clientele base, trust and confidence of customers.

ACH processing transfer time


How long does ACH processing transfer time take?

Understanding ACH processing transfer time helps the business house plan their cash flow more precisely. This is a very important consideration for those businesses that generally operate on very thin margins and for those businesses that have limited cash reserves. ACH processes transactions in bulk, generally three times every business day. The network processes all those transactions that have arrived at the network. ACH payments made towards the end of the week generally take longer than those made at the beginning of the week. ACH credit or ‘Push’ transactions are either processed the same day or within one or two business days. ACH debit or ‘Pulls” transactions must be processed by the next business day. The receiving bank also decides to hold the funds for a day or more for fulfillment although ACH processing is complete.

Key Takeaways

ACH transactions work as a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to paper cheques or plastic cards. Transactions occur through Automated Clearing House Network, which connects more than 25,000 financial institutions across the United States. NACHA which governs the ACH payments also enforces stricter guidelines, rules, and processes for the transactions. As a third-party processor, BNG Payments enforces both accelerated and standard settlement periods. Understanding ACH payments and selecting a reputed trusted payment processor relieves much of your concern, reduces the settlement period for smooth transactions of your business, and streamline your accounts receivable.