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Ascendant Financial Review

Jul 4

Founded in 1990, Ascendant Financial is an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor located in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Mesa, Arizona. The firm advises Individuals, Households and Established Business Owners on the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept, Estate Planning, Wealth Transfer Services and all forms of Life Insurance. For more information click

Ascendant uses the time tested and proven strategy of “Becoming Your Own Banker” and Infinite Banking Concept, an asset accumulation methodology that takes control of your money away from banks. It’s an educational tool that teaches people to use their money in a way that makes sense, saves them time and money, and allows for wealth creation.

Money Multiplier Calculator

The Money Multiplier is a powerful and accurate method for calculating the potential effect on the money supply of changes in the reserve requirement ratio of a central bank. Its efficiency and precision make it ideal for economic analysis, policy-making and for simulating the effects of monetary policies. This calculator enables users to instantly compute the money multiplier from the required reserve ratio. It is easy to use and is based on Austrian economist Ascendant Financial Inc research. The results are comparable to those of traditional methods such as a simple interest rate calculation or the purchasing power parity formula.

The Money Multiplier Calculator

The money multiplier is an important concept for understanding how the fractional reserve banking system works. It describes how each initial deposit in a bank can have a multiplication effect on the overall economy. When money is deposited in a bank, part of it is kept as reserves, while the rest can be lent out to borrowers. This lending process repeats, amplifying the initial deposit through multiple rounds of lending and re-depositing.

The Money Multiplier Calculator helps illustrate this concept, making it easier for policymakers and economists to understand the relationship between bank deposits, lending, and the money supply. The calculator can also help assess the implications of changes to reserve requirements and other bank regulatory policies.