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IBC Tote Mixer Features

Dec 16

Unlike a drum mixer that has a fixed blade, Ibc anti-contamination mixer are designed to be flexible and lightweight. The mixers can fit into any standard IBC tote container and work on a patented mixing method that can perfectly mix even the heaviest of materials.

Typically, most liquids stored in IBC tote tanks will need some form of mixing and agitation because the heavier particles or solids will have settled out over time on the tank bottom. In addition, IBC tote tanks are often custom blends of a base liquid with special additives and ingredients that may not mix well together and will tend to separate.

IBC mixers for tote tanks are available in a wide range of sizes, power outputs and mounting styles. Some are designed to be a direct couple to the electric motor, while others are able to mount to an external control panel or directly onto an IBC tote cage using bolt on modules. The IBC tote mixers can also be fitted with a variety of safety features including emergency stop push buttons, overload relays and flow control valves.

The lightweight IBC tote mixers are easy to install and can be used by a single person. They are powered by compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas and use a large bubble mixing process that can mix heavy solids and high viscosity liquids in minutes at any level in the IBC tote tank. This process does not shear the product and is safe to use with plastic or metal IBC tote tanks.

If you need a more powerful IBC tote mixer for higher viscosity liquids and thicker solids, then look no further than the IBC-BGTC-200T from EvenMix IBC Tote Mixer. This unit is fitted with collapsible mixing impellers that fit into the IBC tote opening. The mixers then expand and rotate during operation to mix the contents of the container.

These IBC tote mixers are supplied with a stainless steel bridge that mounts on to the base of the IBC tote cage and is secured in place with quick action toggle clamps. The bridge can be supplied with forklift channels or a lifting bracket depending on the application.

A stainless steel stand can also be supplied with these IBC mixers to provide an alternative method of positioning and elevating the mixer. The stand can be fitted with a hydraulic lift to enable the IBC tote mixer to be easily lifted up and down by a forklift truck. For added safety, these IBC tote mixers are equipped with a safety interlock which is integrated into the bridge and wired to the motor control panel. The safety interlock can be manually activated by pushing a button or can be operated with a remote pendant control system. Various options for IBC mixer drives are also available, including digital geared motors and direct online starters. Each IBC tote mixer is fully assembled, wired and tested before delivery. A UL listed electrical control panel is supplied with the mixer with Start / Stop push buttons and overload relays.