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Bounce House Rentals and Other Party Rentals

Jun 19

New Orleans Bounce House Rentals are the perfect way to entertain kids and keep them away from their electronic devices. These inflatables are also great for exercising and getting some Vitamin D.

The bounce house rental industry is booming. It’s the perfect part-time business that can be parlayed into a full-time venture once you establish a customer base.

Water Slide Rentals

Water slides are great additions to parties, and they provide a lot of fun. They are also a good way to cool down on hot days. Water slide rentals are very affordable and easy to set up. They can be delivered to your home or local park and the personnel of the party rental company will assist you in assembling it.

Kids can enjoy hours of fun and excitement with their friends by slipping and sliding down a waterslide. They can also get the much needed physical activity that is so important for their health. Waterslide combo bouncers come in different themes such as Frozen, Jurassic dinosaur, fire truck, dream castle, and birthday cake.

Some have a single lane and others are dual lane, so children can race each other down the waterslide for twice the thrill! They are ideal for backyard parties, school water days, church summer field trips, and other community events. They are great for both kids and adults.

Party Rentals

In addition to bounce houses, party rentals can include other items that make parties more fun and memorable. These include a variety of inflatable water slides, dunk tanks, obstacle courses and concessions. Renting these items eliminates the need for multiple trips to different stores and oftentimes saves time and money.

Another benefit of this type of business is that it’s a great way to interact with customers and their children. This can be a very rewarding experience for individuals who thrive on human interaction.

Bounce house rental companies typically advertise on Google and Facebook, which allows them to reach a targeted audience locally. This is a very cost-effective way to advertise for new business and grow a local client base. As online advertising technology continues to evolve, it’s becoming easier for businesses to target specific audiences with increased accuracy. This is a big advantage for local businesses that want to be competitive in their markets.

Tents & Canopies

Tents and canopies are versatile structures that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can provide weather protection for students, alums, and community members at events. They can also display school colors, mascots, and taglines to show off school spirit.

The difference between a tent and a canopy is that a tent offers more durability and is usually built for large crowds. It can stand up to wind, rain, and snow. Canopy tents, on the other hand, are portable shelters that can be set up in a few minutes and easily carried or wheeled around.

They can be erected on pavement or dirt, and they offer more floor space than a traditional frame tent. They are great for one- or two-day events, and they can help draw attention to booths at a fair or expo. They are also an excellent way to showcase sponsors, as logos can line the prominent custom printed top of the structure.

Tables & Chairs

Tables and chairs add to the comfort of any event. They also improve the overall look of any gathering. The right tables and chairs can help prevent the event from looking cluttered and disorganized. They can also ensure that guests are comfortable throughout the entire event.

When renting tables and chairs for an event, it's important to take measurements of the venue beforehand. This will allow you to know how many tables and chairs can fit in the space. It's also a good idea to avoid cramming the room with too much furniture, which can make it feel claustrophobic.

Although there are many tables and chair symbols in the Edraw Max library, sometimes you may need to create unique or personalized ones for your diagram. You can use the Edraw Max's smart shape tools to do this. This will enable you to easily design and add a perfect table or chair to any floor plan.