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Why You Need a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

It is important to hire an experienced attorney as soon as you are accused of a Title IX infraction. A lawyer is able to protect your rights during the investigation, hearing and appeal process. A lawyer can assist you with collecting and analyzing witness testimony and other evidence. This can be particularly important in cases with multiple allegations or witnesses. An attorney can also help you to challenge the credibility of an accuser by pointing out inconsistencies or highlighting other factors that could call their claims into doubt.

Allen Harris' lawyers have years of experience helping students navigate Title IX investigations and procedures. They will put this knowledge to work to help you. In some cases schools will require interim steps to prevent the accused or complainant from coming in contact until the investigation is completed. This may involve adjusting class schedules or modifying the campus housing arrangement. The coordinator can also order a "no-contact" rule or a "no-contact list", which will limit communication.

Title IX, a federal law, prohibits sexism in schools, universities, colleges, and federally-funded programs. The law covers a wide range of issues, including sexual assault, harassment, and other types of misconduct. The law also protects gender identity, pregnancy and sexual orientation.

In a Title IX complaint, the complaint is usually heard by a student misconduct panel or hearing officer. This person decides whether or not the school has sufficient evidence to proceed. The panel or hearing officer will look at the evidence presented, such as witness statements and other written and recorded evidence. Generally, a decision will be made based on preponderance-of-the-evidence standard. This means that the school is more than likely to have met its burden of evidence.

Our Title IX lawyer Urbana Champaign can help you navigate the entire process of a Title IX investigation and hearing, whether your university has already imposed administrative sanctions or if you are pursuing a civil suit in addition to your administrative proceeding. Tully-Rinckey attorneys are able to represent you at both proceedings, and can help you choose which is the best option for you.

A strong defense is essential if you are accused of a Title IX violation. These proceedings are biased in favor of the complainant and disadvantage the respondent. A strong and compelling defense can alter this dynamic, forcing the school to reconsider.

If you face an investigation or are found responsible for a Title IX offense, contact Tully Rinckey Title IX attorney as soon a possible. The sooner your attorney is involved, the more they can do to protect your rights and reputation. You could be facing academic and/or professional consequences if convicted of Title IX violations.

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