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Easily Mix Liquids In IBC Tote Containers With Variable Speed Tote Mixers

May 31

IBC Tote Containers can be used to mix liquids with high viscosity.

If you want to Low and High Speed Tote Mixing chemicals, materials or fluids that are viscous in tote containers (also called Intermediate Bulk Containers), then you'll need an electric mixer with variable speeds. High speeds can cause material to be sheared into fine particles and can create an air-vortex that can pull dust or other materials into the mixture. Both of these can have a negative impact on the integrity of your product. They may change the chemical composition, consistency or rate at which the mixture is mixed.

The Xtreme Dutie IBC Tote Mixer can be easily fitted into large industrial IBCs (or Tanks) that hold high viscosity fluids up 550 gallons. The patented collapsible turbo design allows it fit into the center cap opening of most IBC Totes. It works well with Schutz style totes which have a 5.75" screw-top fitting at the top.

This portable IBC tote mix features a 1/2 HP gear drive motor with a totally enclosed fan cooled system (TEFC). The motor runs at 0-425 RPM on the mixer shaft. The powerdrive can be adjusted to the desired mixer location. It comes with a plug, cord and an on/off toggle switch.

The Xtreme Duty IBC Totes mixer is a self-contained unit that includes the motor, a reduction gear and the mixing blade in one package. This allows for easier installation and maintenance without the need to remove the gears or motor from the mixer bridge. It is also much safer and more quiet than other centrifugal tote mixers.

The IBC Tote Mixer has a collapsible blending blade that can easily be inserted into the center cap opening (6") on most industrial IBCs. The blade then opens to create a vertical, powerful mixed flow which effectively combines the contents of a container. The blade uses NASA-based engineering, and a proprietary material which is light and durable. It also provides superior performance when used for IBC tote mix applications.

This tote mixer can be used to re-homogenize liquids in corrugated bags in boxes liquid totes or polyurethane insulated liquid totes. The nonshear, large-bubble air mixing process is gentle for the LDPE lining and soft for the foam construction. It's a fast way to reblender a high viscosity in an IBC. It also eliminates the need for product transfer, clean-up, special vessels and expensive equipment that can contaminate your liquid. It is a fast and cost effective solution for any IBC tote mixing application.

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