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Why are products not showing up in Amazon search?

Aug 8

Amazon is the popular e-commerce site that millions of customers shop on every day. It has become a trusted brand for many consumers and businesses, which is why it often shows up as a search result when you search for products or keywords related to your business. However, if you’re seeing unhelpful results and your product doesn’t show up in Amazon search after regular checks, there are likely several reasons why this is happening.

As an e-commerce site and marketplace, Amazon constantly tracks usage and ways people use its services to improve customer engagement. This means that if you have an outstanding product that customers shouldn’t miss out on, you will see unhelpful results in search because your product isn’t being discovered by users as much as other sellers in the same category. Even a full service amazon agency would be perfect to help!

To avoid this from happening and make sure that your product gets more visibility in Amazon, here are some tips on how to increase the visibility of your products in Amazon search results:

Be in the Amazon selling game early

Amazon is an important channel for many businesses to reach new customers and expand their brand awareness. There are many benefits to using this channel, such as lower costs and the ability to market to an audience of millions of people. If you want to use this channel successfully and get visibility in Amazon, you need to be on the platform early. This means investing in a growing inventory of products and building a loyal base of customers who trust your brand and want to buy from you.

Amazon has a different algorithm to other channels and search engines, so building a brand and winning the trust of customers before entering the Amazon selling game will help you build a loyal following and get more visibility in the search results for your products. Early exposure in the Amazon ecosystem helps you gain exposure in the marketplace and increase your brand equity.

Optimize your listings to show up in search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making an online page as appealing as possible for people to see in the search results. When you enter keywords in the Amazon search bar, the most relevant products will appear at the top of the page. This is how the algorithm works. To improve the results you get in search, you should optimize your listings to show the right keywords, add a description that explains your product and its benefits, and add images that accurately describe the product.

You can optimize your listings by using tools like Google’s Search Console and Amazon’s Web Interface, as well as Amazon’s Seller Central. If your listing isn’t showing up in the search results for a keyword, you should look at these optimization tips.

Use live chat and email support to reach customers

Amazon is a massive online marketplace and it can sometimes be a confusing channel for new customers to navigate. With its vast range of products and thousands of sellers, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. Customers often turn to search to find products and discover sellers who have what they’re looking for. However, if you’re unable to help customers find your products, you won’t get as much visibility in Amazon search results as other sellers.

To get as much visibility in Amazon search results as possible, you should always have a live chat and email support feature available. Customers can contact you with any questions about your products, and you should always be available to help them find what they’re looking for. You can also use tools like Shopify’s Chat box to help customers contact you with inquiries, track the conversations, and provide a response when possible.

Run fresh content promotion campaigns

When customers click on themes or categories in search, they’ll often see top-performing products as a result. This can result in lower-performing products that are often missed by customers getting less visibility on the page. To get more visibility in Amazon search results, you should run fresh content promotion campaigns. These campaigns allow you to publish new content to your product page on Amazon (or in a private page for Seller Central) that can be used for marketing campaigns.

These can include images, product descriptions, and videos that make your products more appealing to customers. You can use marketing automation software like Marketo or Convert to automate campaigns and publish content, track the results, and make adjustments as desired.

Create a new Brand page with all new product data

Rather than using your product data from Amazon as your primary listing, you can create a custom brand page that features all new data. Once you have all this data in one place, you can see how it compares to the product data on your primary listing in Amazon. This will help you see any inaccuracies in your own data and make improvements if needed. You can create a brand page using the Seller Central account for full service amazon management. You can create a brand page using a custom domain, or you can create a subdomain using Seller Central.

Create a new Category page for your products

Amazon has hundreds of thousands of products, so it’s important to rank in the search results for relevant keywords. The best way to get more visibility in Amazon search results is to create a new category page with your products in it. Categories are useful because they help shoppers browse through thousands of products and find exactly what they’re looking for. While your primary listing should be your product data, creating a new category page and publishing it for free on Amazon can help you rank for relevant keywords and increase your visibility in search.

Rank for hot keywords in organic search

You can also boost your visibility in Amazon search results by creating new content, running fresh promotion campaigns, and having a clear value proposition. You can also rank for hot keywords in organic search by creating new content, running fresh promotion campaigns, having a clear value proposition, and creating a new category page with your products in it.


If you have checked your Amazon product listing and your product is not showing up in search results, then there is a possibility that your product is not selling well or not selling at all.  But as mentioned above, that doesn't necessarily mean that the Amazon listing is wrong. So follow the above stated guideline and your products will be visible in the list!