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Dec 2

The Problem with Wealth

In order to have a successful discussion on this topic, it must be done so in an appropriate setting, and that may be the most significant message of this topic. On social media, Susanne Klatten was attacked after the story of her BMW fortune was public. Her personal difficulties, including the burden of duty, self-doubt, and scams, are all true. But it's very impossible for someone who was raised in a wealthy household to have empathy for someone who was brought up in a poor one.

Wealth, for those who lack it, is viewed as a great opportunity with no negatives. People who have a lot of money realize that it comes with a lot of burdens, such as unrealistic expectations and the struggle to find a purpose in life. The strain can be too much for some people to bear. Wealthy families share the same problems as everyone else — in fact, when money is used to cover up problems, they get worse. "The poor want to be rich, and the rich want to be happy," says a friend of mine.

Take a moment to think about this: There are both positive and bad aspects of wealth that can be discussed in an appropriate forum (e.g., a peer network or a mentor). Do you and your family discuss these topics?

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